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Isabel Toledo

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Isabel Toledo

 All about Isabel: Meet award-winning designer, Isabel Toledo!

Tråkigt nog gick Isabel Toledo bort den 26 augusti 2019. Läs mer i New York Times.

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"Michelle Obama wore Isabel Toledo clothes made of St. Gallen Embroidery to the 2009 presidential inauguration.” Bildkälla "Isabel Toledo at the Anne Klein show.” Bildkälla*

Isabel Toledo

Isabel Toledo den 12 September 2007. Bildkälla**

"Isabel Toledo (Born April 9, 1961, Died August 26, 2019 (aged 59) ) is a Cuban-American fashion designer based in New York.” Wikipedia

*Attribution: By Ed Kavishe, Fashion Wire Press (Contact us/Photo submission)

**Attribution: Ed Kavishe, Fashion Wire Press / CC BY (

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