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Maxime de la Falaise

                                Maxime de la Falaise

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                          "Maxime de la Falaise 1949." Bildkälla

"Maxime de la Falaise 25 June 1922 – 30 April 2009 was a 1950s model, and, in the 1960s, an underground movie actress. She is also remembered as a cookery writer and "food maven" and a fashion designer for Chloé and Gérard Pipart. 

In her later years she pursued a career as a furniture and interior designer. Maxime de la Falaise died aged 86 of natural causes, at her home in Provence, on 30 April 2009. Her companion in her last years was an Englishwoman, Sarah St. George, daughter of industrialist Edward St. George.” Wikipedia  

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