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A Peace Treaty

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Om ”A Peace Treaty”:

"Sarah Zaman, Urdu VoA News, Washington. A Peace Treaty is an ethically produced accessories brand based in NYC. It's run by a Libyan Jewish-American designer Dana Arbib and a Pakistani Muslim-Canadian Farah Malik. 

The two design scarves and jewelry that is then handmade in countries that are either seen in a poor light by Americans or places that Americans don't know very well. 

The brand utilizes artisans whose craft is dying due to the rise of cheap, factory production. They say the artisans put their own price on the craft and get more than fair wages. So far, the brand has worked on projects in seven countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Peru and Turkey etc. 

The two designers says that even though immigration and customs issues make their work difficult, they are glad to be helping deserving, talented artisans and bringing their work and life stories to America through their brand. A Peace Treaty's products are available in over 150 high-end stores globally.” (YouTube)

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