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Dubai Fashion Forward

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Utruj | Spring/Summer 2018 | Fashion Forward Dubai

Anna K | Spring/Summer 2018 | Fashion Forward Dubai

Nakisa Sadeghi | The Royal Gala | Haute Couture - Full Fashion Show

Fashion Forward 2014 Dubai Highlights

"Fashion Forward (FFWD) aims to be the definitive fashion platform for the Middle East -- a fashion movement that highlights strengths, inspires and nurtures industry growth and its wealth of talent, with the ultimate goal of driving forward the entire fashion industry in the region.

FFWD includes numerous catwalk presentations from top regional designers, inspiring talks and panel discussions led by global industry experts and fashion academia, as well as entertainment, through a string of social events and parties.” (YouTube)

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                                           "Jaguar Style Stakes | Dubai World Cup 2013.” Bildkälla

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