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The Perfect Gentleman 2012

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The Perfect Gentleman: The Pursuit of Timeless Elegance and Style in London by James Sherwood  Hardcover, 5 Nov 2012


"This lavish publication celebrates the gentlemans search for the perfect sartorial detail, the ideal accessory, or beautiful gift for a loved one. Presented through the eyes of a connoisseur looking for quality and bepoke goods in Londons key stylistic historic periods, it tells the stories of the personalities, shop-keepers and mastercraftsmen who have animated the business of luxury goods for centuries. 

The book is arranged chronologically in six chapters, each followed by three or four profiles of British luxury marques. A reference section presents the London gentlemans social world, from the shopping arcades to classic hotels and the members clubs and antiquarians in between. This is the perfect book for the man who has everything.” (Förlagsinfo)

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